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Solar Water Heaters

Tired of paying electricity or gas bills? Then investing in a Solar Water Heater is the best thing you can do and save a lot of money for the next +20 years!! We have 3 sizes available and we will give you professional advice in which size is the best to fulfill your needs.

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Boom Arm Manlift Rental

Need to reach high places to install equipment like air conditioners, solar PV-solar panels, etcetera? We can assist you with our man lift, which you can rent for a very attractive price. It has a maximum of 10 meters high.

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Heavy Lifting

With engineering experience, our team has lifted heavy HVAC units, generators, chiller plants and similar heavy equipment throughout the years and we have all the tools to do the job right away.

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Going to renovate your home or property? We can take care of the electric works needed for DTI approval. We do small- and medium size electric projects.

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Our technicians are well trained and prepared to either install, remove or maintain your air conditioner the right way. We offer maintenance for split units, cassette units, and even air handlers.

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We are well prepared to install drain pipes, hot and cold-water lines for house and commercial projects. We install sewer pumps, circulation pumps, pool pumps, and much more. We do small jobs also, like leakage issues, pump malfunctioning and more.

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Steel Construction

Need to build an emergency stair for example? We do welding services making different steel structures from tables, stairs, structure for car ports and more.

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Generator Fuel Lines

We have built and installed many backup fuel lines with circulation pumps to supply diesel to generators for whenever Aruba experiences power outages.

Camro has a unique, full-service approach
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About Us

Since 2009 CAMRO N.V is the exclusive dealer of outstanding brands like Solahart & Elsol and has already installed over 1500 solar water heaters for residential homes and more than 1000 systems on commercial projects like Hotels and Airbnb.

Along with our solar water heating services, we also offer a range of other services, including Boom Arm Manlift Rental for high equipment installation, Heavy Lifting for moving heavy equipment, Electra for electrical work, Airconditioning for installation and maintenance of air conditioning units, Plumbing for installation and repair of water systems, Steel Construction for welding and building steel structures, and Generator Fuel Lines for installation of backup fuel lines for generators during power outages. Our team is equipped with the necessary expertise and tools to complete projects efficiently. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.